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The Team

Durlabhjibhai Patel
                                        Chairman and MD

He is the chief key person to visualize the concept of developing electrical insulators. Since the start of the group operations, he has been the direction setter for the companies ventures. Being a person of broad vision he has been instrumental in setting up and successfully running all three companies sitting at the top of all the management teams.

He is the strategist and mentor to the young team that acts. He sees, others make it happen.

Atul Patel
                                        Marketing Head

Marketing is the most important activity. An activity for the young and dynamic. An activity that suits Atul Patel. He has been overseeing the operations in Marketing for all the group companies and hence has the vital experience to see that marketing is done professionally as well as profitably. With an ability to judge long term and short-term benefits, he is the right man to take the radiant brand to the world.

Dharamshibhai Patel
Technical Head

Electrical insulators are one of the most important components of Electrical power distribution system. They are responsible for safe reliable supply of electricity. Dharamshibhai, is the person who ensures that every piece that rolls out from his workshop, matches the technical parameters and quality standards thoroughly. With more than 15 years of experience in production and managing people on the shop floor, he is the right man to head production and technical operations of the company. His core strength of Perfect Quality Production guarantee that the products will never be rejected at clients end.

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